Tuff 22x9.5 T-07 (6x139.7) ET25+ Satin Black

Brand TUFF A.T
More Information
Bolt Pattern 6x139.7
Rim Diameter 22
Rim Width 9.5
Offset 25+
Wheel Pattern T-07
Colour Satin Black
In stock
Tuff 22x9.5 T-07 (6x139.7) ET25+ CB-NA Satin Black

Product Description

Tuff 22x9.5 T-07 (6x139.7) ET25+ Satin Black


TUFF AT Wheels has exploded in popularity and recognition throughout the years making TUFF AT recognized as the fastest growing off-road wheel brand in the US. With multiple designs and sizes ranging from 15_ to 26_, TUFF AT is sure to have a fit for your truck or jeep. Whether you have an extreme truck that requires an aggressive stance or an daily driver, TUFF AT has a wheel for you. Available in 5, 6 & 8 Lug applications, we guarantee an exact fit for your vehicle. Tuff A.T. wheels lineup consists of various design including concave, deep lip, customizable inserts & more. Wheels have TUFF finishes such as milling & bead-lock style.

Shipping & Returns

Tuff 22x9.5 T-07 (6x139.7) ET25+ Satin Black

7 Days Return Policy

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